Recent Booklength Publications


Lucía Contreras-García and Daniel García Velasco edited a volume of papers dedicated to the treatment of interfaces in Functional Discourse Grammar (FDG). The book is the outcome of a workshop held in Oviedo in 2019, and appeared with De Gruyter Mouton in 2021 in the series Trends in Linguistics.

Erotilde Goretti Pezatti, Roberto Gomes Camacho and Marize Mattos Dall'Aglio Hattnher edited the book Construções coordenadas nas variedades portuguesas, published in 2021 by Mercado de Letras.

In 2021, Hongmei Fang published her thesis Sentence-final particles in Mandarin in the LOT dissertation series.

In 2020, Marieke Olthof published her thesis Incorporation - Constraints on variation in the LOT dissertation series.

Evelien Keizer and Hella Olbertz edited a volume of papers using the theory of Functional Discourse Grammar (FDG) to analyse and explain a number of specific constructions or phenomena from different perspectives, language-specific, comparative and typological. The book appeared with John Benjamins in 2018 in the Studies in Language Companion Series.

Volume 11.1 (2018) of Word Structure, edited by Pilar Guerrero Medina and Carmen Portero Muñoz, is dedicated to Derivational Morphology in Functional Discourse Grammar.

Volume 11.1 (2018) of Liames, edited by Roberto Gomes Camacho and Erotilde Goreti Pezatti, is dedicated to Transparency in indigenous languages of Brazil, applying the framework of Functional Discourse Grammar to a wide range of languages and phenomena.

Kees Hengeveld, Heiko Narrog, and Hella Olbertz edited the book The grammaticalization of tense, aspect, modality, and evidentiality: A functional perspective . The book contains many contributions that apply the FDG model to grammaticalization phenomena, and appeared in 2017 at de Gruyter Mouton.

In 2017, Marlou van Rijn published her thesis The expression of modifiers and arguments in the noun phrase and beyond in the LOT dissertation series.

Inge Genee and Evelien Keizer edited a special issue of Linguistics (54.5) on the lexicon in FDG. This special issue appeared in 2016.

In 2015 Evelien Keizer published her book A Functional Discourse Grammar for English with Oxford University Press. The book aims at a readership of advanced undergraduate and graduate students and provides numerous exercises that help the student to get to grips with the details of the theory.

In 2014 a special issue of Pragmatics (24.2) appeared. This issue is dedicated to the Contextual Component in FDG and was edited by Núria Alturo, Evelien Keizer, and Lluís Payrató. .

In 2013 the Casebook in Functional Discourse Grammar edited by J. Lachlan Mackenzie and Hella Olbertz came out in the Studies in Language Companion Series of John Benjamins.

A special issues of Language Sciences (34.4), edited by Daniel Garcia Velasco and Gerry Wanders, was devoted to the Morphosyntactic Level in FDG in 2012.

A new book by Ahmed Moutaouakil came out in March 2012: Al- lisaaniyyat al-waDHifiyya al-muqaarana. Diraasa fi aT-Tanmiit wa at-taTawwur (Comparative Functional Linguistics. A study in Typology and Language Change). Beirut: Arab Scientific Publishers Inc.

Volume 4.2 of Linguistics in Amsterdam, edited by Kees Hengeveld, is dedicated to Transparency in Functional Discourse Grammar.

In 2011, Arok Wolvengrey published his thesis Semantic and pragmatic functions in Plains Cree Syntax in the LOT dissertation series.

A special issue of Lingua (119.8), edited by Kees Hengeveld & Gerry Wanders, was devoted to the Representational Level in FDG in 2009.

A special issue of Linguistics (47.4), edited by Miriam van Staden en Evelien Keizer, was devoted to the Interpersonal Level in FDG in 2009.

Daniel Garcia Velasco and Jan Rijkhoff edited the book The noun phrase in Functional Discourse Grammar. The book appeared in 2008 at Mouton de Gruyter.