Amsterdam Colloquium

The Amsterdam FDG Colloquium meets early on Friday afternoons to discuss issues of current importance in FDG, Anyone interested in FDG is very welcome to attend.

FDG Colloquium
Room 434
Bungehuis, Spuistraat 210,
1012 TV Amsterdam

The programme for 2009-2010 is currently as follows:

16 October - The Phonological Level (Chair: Evelien Keizer)
30 October - The Phonological Level (Chair: Evelien Keizer)
6 November - The place of non-phasal aspect in FDG: the case of Spanish (Hella Olbertz)
13 November - Brainstorming session for papers for IC-FDG-2010, Lisbon (Chair: Kees Hengeveld)
20 November - Non-straightforward communication (Kees Hengeveld & Evelien Keizer)
4 December - The place of mirativity in FDG (Hella Olbertz)